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Atlantic Palace



Atlantic Palace Agadir

Luxury Hotel in Agadir

Located on the coast of Morocco, the Atlantic Palace Agadir is a hotel with 328 rooms and suites. The hotel is nestled in a beautiful Moroccan garden of 10,000 m2 in the center of the Balneal Sector offering an intimate setting and a particularly peaceful atmosphere. There are several restaurants and a unique “Dine Around” concept allowing customers to experience five of them:

the Pacha, the Oasis, the Taj Mahal, the Pool Bar & Terrace and the Golf Country Club.

Our staff members always offer personalized and attentive service with a smile, thus reflecting authentic Moroccan hospitality and creating a special and unique relationship with each client.

Our history

A man of culture, open to innovative ideas, from a large Moroccan family whose roots are rooted in religion, gave his time, his intelligence, his knowledge of men and the cultural wealth of his country to make his wish come true.

The construction work began in the early 90s, it lasted eight years and brought together men of great talent, an exceptional artist, the true Michelangelo of Arab-Moroccan art and a team of skilled craftsmen with all aim to remain faithful to the spirit of work.
The approach to the Atlantic Palace hotel is via a large tree-lined path. The entrance to the establishment is inspired by classical monumental architecture with arches located at the top of a marble staircase.The large entrance hall of the hotel impresses with its 1000 m⊃2;. It is the obligatory passage for all clients, their first contact with the hotel and the meeting point for discussions.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
See not only the walls and ceilings, columns and friezes, doors and chandeliers, rugs and seats that inspire meditation, but also the artisans who created them. These maallems (mosaic master masons) are master craftsmen and visual artists whose techniques are passed down from generation to generation. They have inspired poets and musicians and are able to combine and harmonize spaces, shapes and colors. The chosen geometric element (circle, triangle, spiral, pentagon or polygon) is repeated symmetrically along several axes. The combinations are traditional and yet constantly renewed, with floral motifs borrowed from Byzantine art and in the perfect proportions of the golden ratio.

Équipements de l'hôtel

Boîte de nuit Boîte de nuit
Blanchisserie Blanchisserie
Restaurant Restaurant
Wifi Wifi
Bar lounge Bar lounge
Piscine Piscine
Parking Parking
Paiement par carte Paiement par carte
Ascenseur Ascenseur

Checkin : 12:00 PM Checkout : 11:00 PM